Our Company

The Günaydin Group is an owner-managed agricultural service provider growing produce in Turkey either on its own land or with selected contractual producers. We process and package the fruits in our own plant and distribute them to several European countries using our own distribution logistics. Our main export partner is Germany.

The Günaydin Group manages the entire “Food Supply Chain” from producer to consumer directly in order to guarantee organised food retailers the highest quality standards.

The particularities of our trade necessitate a company organisation in two divisions:

  • Cultivation, harvesting, processing and packaging within Turkey, and
  • European Distribution

The Günaydin Group complies with all national and European regulations applying to its trade, and has implemented all food safety-relevant procedures, such as traceability, in order to conform to customer requirements and meet customer demands.

Our guiding motto is “Respect for People and the Environment”.

This many-facetted task is accomplished by our head office in Alaşehir, Turkey, which is home to one of the most modern processing and packaging plants in Europe.